5.Bellona’s chapter


Bellona's dual swords. Eyos and phenos. Cheerful, capable and loyal. Nobody exemplifies the integrity and honor of the Einherjar like Bellona Aemelii. She has served both the past and current overlord of Skara Brea faithfully. Currently on a mission to establish contact with Lucretia's messenger to co-ordinate and iron out the details of their joint … Continue reading 5.Bellona’s chapter

0. Bloodties and penance.

Izuna wielding a custom Nodachi, which requires great strength and technique. No copyright infringement intended. Prologue.  Izuna  Familial love had always perplexed Izuna. Perhaps it had something to do with the human notion of blood ties and their incessant rambling about bonds but then again he never understood the weak ones. He knew all feelings and bonds are tethers which kept you in check and … Continue reading 0. Bloodties and penance.